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Silversafe 500

SilverSafe 500 is an independent, intelligent and non-intrusive (featuring an IR hand held remote communicator) detection device of flammable, toxic and oxygen gases.
Its special design and construction with a marine grade anodized aluminium (non corrosive) alloy makes it particularly suitable for extreme environments such as chemical and petrochemical industry on & offshore, where salt and humidity are present in the ambient.

This product is certified to ATEX II 2G - Ex d IIC T6 and benefits from 5-digit digital display with a magnetic keypad for calibration in a nonintrusive mode. There is also an optional voltage free contact for the fault, alarm 1 and alarm 2 signals as well as a bidirectional serial link RS 485 Modbus RTU.

The SilverSafe 500 is our most customizable device, allowing meeting even the most difficult project requirements. The price is also very dependent on the number of features therefore, it can be reduced considerably. Easy to maintain and to install, the SilverSafe 500 detector offers a very board detection range for toxic and flammable gases but also CO2 levels monitoring.

The compact package of features are the microprocessor and 4-20mA output, the rest being optional.
Display, Modbus serial, relay contacts and the handheld remote are all optional features that enhance the capabilities of the detector when added, but the “keep it simple approach” proved a strong selling point for this model.

The self-monitoring feature with displaying error codes for gas sensor, operational lifetime as well drifting off the measurement scale, eliminates the possibility of a false alarm scenario.

Product specification:

  • ATEX II 2G - EEx d IIC T6
  • Sensor types: Catalytic, Electrochemical and IR
  • 4-20mA signal output
  • 3/4” NPT & M20 (OPTION)
  • Microprocessor with 16-bit signal conversion
  • 5x digit display (Optional)
  • ModBus serial communication (Optional)
  • 3x Relay Output (Optional)
Silver Safe 500