FPN 10-10000

Ziegler’s centrifugal fire pumps are high-performance, low-wear pumps with one- or two-stage design, robust, water resistant, extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The clear structure, easy-to-read control panels and automatic switching, ventilation and pressure control equipment have ensured the ease of use.

Our pumps can be updated at any time within their performance range, which means that is can easily be adapted to special conditions, e.g. foreign standards. Our centrifugal fire pumps are made of seawater-resistant and non-rusting materials and equipped with the unique Ziegler pump ventilation system TROKOMAT.

Our pumps are used as built-in pumps or portable pumps. Not only due to their exemplary ease of use, Ziegler pumps have been proven to be the best in the world.

FPN 10 10000