Gas Detection / Fixed Point / Silversafe 300

Silversafe 300

The SilverSafe 300 features a standard 3-digit display and is one of our best selling products due to its extended gas compatibility. It also come as a standard with an intuitive keyboard that allows for easy calibration and configuration.

ATEX II 2G approved and IP65 rated, SilverSafe 300 features a cast aluminium Anodized with Epoxy coating enclosure, performing to the highest standards even in harsh environments. The compact package of features: microprocessor, 4-20mA, Display and keypad.
It offers a 4-20mA output, which is compatible with most gas detection systems, as well as an optional relay output.

Product specification:

  • ATEX II 2G - EEx d IIC T6
  • Sensor types: Catalytic, Electrochemical and IR
  • 3/4” NPT & M20 OPTION
  • Microprocessor with 16bit signal conversion
  • 3x digit display
  • 4-20mA signal output
Silver Safe 300